250gm Raw Yemeni Sidr Honey from Wadi Dho’an – Grade A+



250gm Raw Yemeni Sidr Honey from Wadi Dho’an – Grade A+

We invite you to experience the rich flavor and delightful aroma of pure Sidr Honey from the famous Wadi Dhoa’an in Yemen. Our honey is harvested from nectar of a single floral source, the Sidr Tree (Lote Tree) to give you a distinct palatal pleasure for honey enthusiasts. Nothing is added, it is cold pressed (not heated) – totally raw.

Thick brown honey with a lovely taste! The Sidr honey of Yemen tastes delicious, different from those of other regions because the soil of Yemen is richer and this influences the flavor.

pure raw sidr honey from yemen wadi dho'an


Below are some more of its properties and uses:

* Antimicrobial

* Boosts immune system

* Fungal Infections

* Antiviral

* Stomach Ulcers

* Aphrodisiac

* Coughs & Colds

* Sore Throat

* Natural Sweetener

* Aid Digestion

* Antiseptic

* Source of Energy

* Boosts Memory

* Ophthalmology (Eye Disorders)

* Food Preservative

* Pre-biotic

* Anti-inflammatory

* Antioxidant

* Heart Disease

* Cholesterol

* Infertility

* Weight Loss

* Skin Problems

NOTE* 1- Children under the age of one year should not be given honey.



sidr honey yemeni pure organic 1000gm closeups

Our PURE SIDR HONEY – is lab tested by FERA (UK) & Minerva Scientific (UK).

pure raw sidr honey from yemen wadi dho'an certificates

The Lab tests proved that:


  • the bees were not fed with sugar
  • the honey has not been heat treated
  • the honey is 100% pure and free from any additional substances


This Sidr Honey is ORGANIC -(farming methods, produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals). An important factor affecting a honey’s curative qualities is purity. Only crude, unprocessed honey has shown to be effective.


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