About Us

We are a small family run business.

I started buying oils from stockist on behalf of friends who were intrigue by the exotic arabian scents that I was wearing. I begun experimenting with different scents especially with different oud and musk, and soon begun taking regular orders from word-of-mouth customers. My customers urged me to start a business. I took their advice and opened a booth in Wembley Stadium Market on Sunday mornings. A few years later we finally opened up a shop in Totenham High Road. We then started expanding our business by having an online presence. Now our main shop is the online business, which we cater both for local and international markets.
We want our customers to fall in love with the exciting and exotic arabian and oriental scents as we have on offer, as well amazing foreign gifts, clothes and beauty products.

Our main aim has always been to make our customers happy thus why we try to maintain a heavy emphasis on good customer service and relations. To us you are more than just our loyal customers you are our friends and such friendship always comes first.

We thank you all of our loyal friends and customers, past and present for the support given – so on behalf of the entire Arabian Luxuries Family we’d like to say a very Big Thank You!

-Hasan Abdul Rasheed Phillips

Our Team:

Hasan Abdul Rasheed

Founder, CEO & Managing Director

Umm Amin

Business Secretary



Keeshia Nicole Bautista

Team Leader/Store Manager/Personal Assistant to Managing Director