Premium Rare Ethiopian White Honey from Tigray Mountains – Grade AAA+ wt 35% Natural Royal Jelly Content From Ethiopia

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Arabian Luxuries proudly present to you, an ultra exclusive and rare honey: Ethiopian White Honey.

White Royal Jelly Honey, said to be one of the rarest and most potent types of honey known to man. This rare honey, uniquely white in colour, is harvested in the highest peaks of mountains in Ethiopia, East Africa.

This majestic honey is harvested in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, approximately11,000 feet above sea level. It is notorious for being one of the most inaccessible and driest regions of Ethiopia.

This mighty superfood contains extremely high levels of amnio acids, vitamin B5, B6 and much more. It is said to be a powerful antioxidant, with rejuvenating properties, which promote cell regeneration, tissue growth and repair.

This honey is the epitome of exquisite luxury.

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